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Bsquare is an Internet of Things (IoT) provider, technology distributor, and system integrator headquartered in Seattle, Washington that supports OEMs, ODMs, and enterprises with professional development services. Bsquare is listed on the NASDAQ exchange. As of 2015, the company has approximately 250 employees worldwide.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on Bsquare. One of our management teams goals is to be very transparent about Bsquare business. We are sorry to hear that isn't your feeling on the team. We do have an Open Door Policy and welcome all types of feedback. Please feel free to contact HR anytime to discuss your concerns about management and communication among the team."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They advertise themselves as a stable, publicly traded company with the feel of a startup. Don't be fooled, this is 100% old white guy corporate with a chain of command mentality. Leadership is ineffective and self serving. There is zero room for growth or advancement. Anyone with real talent quickly figures this out and is gone in a year or less. Those who are left behind are stressed and underappreciated broken souls. Benefits are mediocre at best. Company culture is lacking and often times oppressive. There is no real product and the few customers they have, are not happy. If you want to work in a challenging yet positive environment, then this is not the company for your. If you just want to collect a paycheck, then it could be for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No product Four customers on their proprietary software Leadership in fighting"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Great place to work if you like to be micromanaged. Uninspired leadership, starting from CEO who is running company like military boot camp and has no vision. Talking head. Alot of talk about integrity, but.... hmmmmm. Say no more."

Former Employee - Inside Sales says

"Here comes the truth: DataV is not the type of product they sell it to be. Of course the product works but they sell it as a "SaaS" product with "Apps" that claim to be out of the box; but in reality, the product has to be customized to each customer making the sales cycle enormously long. This means that bonuses are far and few between - so reaching the claimed OTE is an outrageously ridiculous notion. Other cons include: - No career growth. Employees are eager to grow but the roles are stagnant and management won't promote. - Management runs things quietly behind people's back so you really don't know what's going on. - Work life balance. Get all your work done and some extra work or you'll be fired. - Taking over a week PTO is unheard of. - PTO plan itself is low. - Number of customers. They claim to have hundreds of customers but a few customers have bought DataV software. The other customers are from a different department that resells Microsoft licenses (nothing to do with DataV). - Required office time. No work from home option. This is a direct requirement from the CEO, Jerry Chase, who likes to have bodies in the office. Good luck with the Seattle and Bellevue traffic! - Low walled cubicles. Everybody sees everything. - Favoritism. If your manager likes you, great! You can get away with pretty much anything! If they don't, good luck keeping your job for another quarter..."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Executive management hasn't a clue what it means to establish a corporate mission and strategy and an organizational plan to achieve it. Due to abhorrent Services/Sales executive management behavior, it is a TOXIC work environment. Classic passive aggressive behavior who is not open to collaborating within anyone. While an IT environment, it is ran like a military institution. Not interested in wanting to know how things are currently operating or how well. Not open to considering others points of view. Quick to point out your perceived failures. As such, decisions are short sighted and often not based on a practical reality."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots of turnover since current CEO took control and little replacing of employees. Existing staff end up taking on way more work than at other mid-sized companies which hurts morale. Building up hype on an IoT product that is still not developed, without any real R&D funding while sitting on tens of millions in cash, and cutting costs to make the financials look better is not a long-term successful strategy - it's smoke and mirrors. Read the latest financial reports - with the Microsoft licensing business approaching an expiry date, and little growth in professional services or software revenue, time is ticking on the company. Weak CEO from another outdated era of ultra-conservative management when command and control were more important than trust and empowerment. Culture is strange, environment is not fun or rewarding."

Anonymous says

"Middle and high level management people don't respect their employees. No space to raise. Politics is everywhere."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company has a very toxic culture. Everyone is always afraid of getting fired on a whim. The HR department is the worst I have ever seen--incompetent and gossipy, Stay away. There are so many better companies to work for. I had red flags from the beginning but did not heed them and lived to regret it."

Scrum Master and Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"I joined in 2017 as the company seemed like it was going to grow. The company staffed up as new contracts came in, and we were firing on all cylinders. Slowly but surely, none of those deals ever came to fruition. Not a single one. And so the company began its slow, sad slide into irrelevance and poor leadership. Stuff like game night and poker night started disappearing, swept away in a wave of anger and lack of caring, By the time I left, the company was filled with negative energy, dysfunctional management and still no sales. Everything was second guessed, truly nasty people were kept on staff seemingly without consequences for their actions, and the whole place felt like it was sinking fast. Bummer, this apparently was once a nice place to work.Free sodas and occasionally free espressos and other treatsCulture of negativity, poor project management structure, lots of unhappy ICs hiding in their cubes"

Principle Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not recommended. Largely an aggregator of open source systems with limited engineering staff. Company has grand designs but is not supporting the engineering effort to achieve them. I had no support from my supervisor."


"No comment, not a fun place to work, turmoil, constant change"

Customer Success Manager (Former Employee) says

"Brought to market new product/service and management made growth decisions that outpaced revenue and new client acquisition. Core talent attrition was a consistent problem during my tenure."

Chief Financial Officer (Former Employee) says

"Solid new leadership and a mission that is focused on current skills and product delivery. Its in turn-around mode which for some is exciting and others too risky."

Senior Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Technical people are wonderful but management does not know how to create a product and goes by perception rather than data and facts. Lots of talent being wasted."

Lead/Sr. Program Manager and Director of Delivery Excellence (Former Employee) says

"Bsquare is in the process of re-defining its marketing strategy and line of business. What it is becoming is different than what it has been. If you like the challenges that come with start up companies and the job description you are applying for is of interest then this company might be right for you."

Lead Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great technical environment with good, smart people but culturally there's very little job security when new projects aren't flowing in the door."

Self employed with thirty years experience . (Current Employee) says

"Physically challenging daily. To work smart not hard, stick to the basics,to be honest with self and customers.To treat workers fairly, to encourage ,and reward good proformance. To stay in budget and on schedule. Job done well and pleased customer.make sure breaks are taking, and nutrition is replenished.will confront poor work habits and a mis-use of time."